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There is no one right way to approach people you have no history with, so being a little shy or anxious is ok. The more you get over that, the more you’ll get out of dating. To help you get started, I talked to three experts on online dating: Justin Spracklen, the co-founder of the popular, relationship-focused dating app Plenty of Fish; Aaron Patzer, a popular dating coach and founder of Mr. Right Now; and, Sarah Schroader, the founder of the female-focused dating app Bumble.

Be genuine, don’t fake anything. You want to give people the experience of actually interacting with you, so be real in your emails and voice notes. Though your profile may say otherwise, they can spot when you’re not who you say you are. If you aren’t, your anxiety will show through and they won’t know whether to trust you.

Send a few voice notes. Women are natural with written communication, whereas men tend to get off-put when it comes to writing long emails. Instead, aim for voice notes. Voice notes give the men you’re talking to a shorter window to get to know you, and they can be easy for you to record while you’re driving or doing something else. They’re also better suited for last-minute situations, so if the two of you have a bar or a dinner reservation you both miss, voice notes are a good way to be spontaneous.

Try things that give you more control over the experience. What if you’re nervous about using voice notes, but you want to find out more about a man or woman you’re interested in? Well, you’re in luck! One of the best sites to do that is OkCupid, one of the largest sites for online dating. If you’re more comfortable using video chat, check out the video messaging platform Hinge.

You can also use apps to set up dates with people. According to Mr. Right Now, OkCupid, Hinge, or Bumble is your best bet, depending on your preferences. While an app will only let you get to know someone through written communication, it can give you more control over how long you spend with them and will help you feel more comfortable if you don’t feel like you have a clear picture of a person’s overall character.

Follow a few rules of thumb. If you’re nervous about going on a date, it’s all going to be a little bit like learning to drive.
Welcome to the 21st century: You’ve got smartphones, but in spite of all of those digital mind-benders, we still have a few things to teach you about the art of dating. After a lifetime of learning lessons the hard way, I’ve kept a few of my favorite dating tips in mind from some of the most successful singles. This may seem like an age-old concept but please keep in mind that the art of dating can change with the times. So with the help of my top three dating tips, I’m sure you’ll be able to find the love of your life. And in the meantime, get the goods on your celebrity crushes and the one that got away. You deserve it.

Lead with your best self. Yes, it’s cliché, but this one is important and it’s no surprise that it comes from my headline. Dating is about getting to know someone and putting yourself out there, but it’s also about building a relationship based on your personality, and what your personality says about you. It’s also important to remember that no one is born with an extra-good personality. You’ve got to work on it. Just like you have to work on building muscle, you have to practice and work on your personality. So when it comes time to get ready for a date, try something new. Try putting your best foot forward and lead with your personality. You’ll find that this will draw attention to your personality, and it will make you a better, more interesting person.

Dress for the occasion. Dating has its own etiquette, like the way you cross the street, sit at the table at a restaurant, or how to respond when you’re introduced to someone. This is one reason why we’re never seen in public without our phone. But what about the etiquette of dating? One of the most important social graces is dressing for the occasion, and especially for first dates. Good eye contact, appropriate level of dress, matching accessories, and a bit of confidence definitely make a good first impression. You don’t want to look like a misfit or a slob, which is why it’s a good idea to match your clothing to the occasion. So if you and your date decide to go to a formal restaurant, you definitely want to wear something that matches. If you’re just going to the movies, you don’t want to wear a white polo. Dress separates can be a good option for women looking to dress casually and still look good.

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